Zagg Launched A New Stylus Zagg Messenger Folio

By Gavin

Zagg, a well-known accessory manufacturer, this week launched a new stylus, a keyboard with a removable case, and a keyboard protector to several iPads. First, Zagg Pro Keys is available in 10.2-inch iPad and iPad Air 4, with a combination of keyboard and case. The polycarbonate case connects directly to the iPad and then magnetically to the keyboard. There is also a slot on the housing for the Apple Pencil.


The keyboard is backlit and has its built-in battery. According to the usage, it can be used for one year under full charge and charged through USB-c. It even has two Bluetooth radios for device switching. The case is designed to provide full protection and help your iPad withstand a drop impact of up to 6.6 feet. It has a speaker cut-out for smooth sound and weighs just 1.5 pounds.

Zagg Pro Keys for 10.2 inches costs $99.99, compared with $109.99 for iPad Air 4.

Zagg Pro Stylus

Zagg Pro Stylus uses the same technology as Logitech crayon and can be paired and used very easily. In the use process, it supports tilt recognition, and the iPad OS can recognize the palm, to achieve a more natural painting experience.

Zagg Pro Stylus supports any iPad launched after 2018 and can be paired with any of these models with a simple touch. Users with Apple Pencil need to cancel the pairing of Apple Pencil before connecting to Zagg Pro Stylus.

Zagg Pro Stylus can be magnetically fixed on the side of the iPad Air or iPad Pro. The battery can be charged through the USB-c port, and each charge can last for 8 hours.

Zagg Messenger Folio 2

Zagg Messenger Folio 2 for 10.2-inch iPad is a keyboard cover with Apple Pencil support. It is also compatible with the 10.5-inch iPad and iPad Air 3.

After putting the iPad into the protective cover, it can be fixed through the handle at the top, and it can adjust the angle to place it in front of the keyboard. The compact design makes it easy to use in narrow environments such as aircraft. The keyboard supports USB-c port charging, full charging can last for one year. Zagg Messenger Folio 2 costs $59.99.

I have to say that Zagg has brought us a lot of surprises this time. I'm worried about Apple Pencil every day and I can't find it when I want to find it. It has something to do with my Apple Pencils. Anyway, Zagg has helped people like me who have lost their pencils.