Zagg InvisibleShield Warranty Tutorial - Zagg Com Register

By Gavin | December 28, 2018

I guess someone talked about the entire process of getting a replacement screen protector from zagg, this only works to my knowledge. If you've already registered the product, you're given a certain amount of time frame, whenever you get the product to go ahead and register it. I've already done that, so I'm not going to go over them.

You're going to log into your page, your account page, and it's quite simple, they have a link right there to do a warranty replacement, and basically after you've done that. A couple of things to understand is they do charge you for the full amount of the replacement screen protector until they get the one that you're returning back. So if I don't send this back, they're going to charge me for the full amount. The other thing to understand is it's not entirely free, you do have to pay for the shipping cost. For me, I believe it was somewhere around four or five bucks to get this package from sag, which is still better than the $19.99 price tag, so just keep that in mind, but basically, we're just going to jump right in.

Here I've already opened it, just to take a look of what's inside. And what we receive in the package is the envelope, in which you have to return this original screen protector back in. You get retail packaging of another brand new screen protector for your phone, and so basically what we got to do here is quite simple. This document the one on the white piece of paper, it has a barcode on it that you're going to put right here somewhere on top of the envelope, in this corner where you're going to put in your return address. There's also an order number on this piece of paper, and you're going to insert that.

Here I'm not showing the entire piece of paper, because it's got my information on it, so it's quite simple. The instructions are as stated, what we're going to do is we're going to take off this screen protector here from this little thing, I just put on it, to attach to a piece of paper. I'm going to do right here and attach this a little piece of paper, we're going to fold it up to make it fit inside this envelope. It's only one item per envelope, it also says that. And the next step is to go ahead and make sure everything's filled out, and another thing to understand if you don't have to return anything else. You are only returning this screen protector and nothing else, and you don't have to put any post amps, nothing, it's already paid for.

What we're going to do here is put this in, and after we filled out this entire section in the front, we're going to seal it, and we're going to put this in the mail. As soon as they get this replacement of this screen protector that you are replacing back, they will go ahead and refund you the rest of the amount, and it will only charge you for the shipping costs of this product. That's pretty clean and simple, if you do like the product and do want to keep it you can go ahead and use this method of getting free oil free replacements, and that's about it.