Zagg Keyboard Manual

Zagg, as the top brand of tablet keyboard in the world, has been the leader of creative product solutions for mobile terminals since 2005.

As the top brand of tablet keyboards in the world, Zagg has been the leader of creative product solutions for mobile terminals since 2005. They provide the most natural and convenient way for you to work harder, play more heartily, and integrate your equipment into your life.

Zagg Smart Keyboard

Zagg smart keyboard enables smartphone and tablet users to experience keyboard input just like laptops.

Zagg Folio Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Zagg Folio is an extraordinarily slim and protective wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Its unique hinge can fold your screen at almost any angle. At the same time, the wide floating keys help you input more quickly and accurately.

Zagg Folio intelligent Bluetooth keyboard can adjust the viewing angle within 135 degrees and island type key design style. Seven-color backlight; each backlight can adjust the brightness according to the strong, medium and weak; magnetic suction automatic wake-up or sleep function; generally, it can work for up to three months without charge.

Zagg Slim Book

Zagg Slim Book is a super slim product to meet the input requirements of your mobile devices. Its unique folding design can protect your tablet from almost any angle of view, and it can be easily switched to video and Book mode or folded flat into a protective shell mode. Powerful battery, each charge can let him use for two years.

Zagg Pocket Keyboard

A pocket keyboard is the most convenient device for smartphone input when traveling. It provides more than 85% of the size of a desktop computer keyboard. The pocket keyboard supports fast and natural information. It can be folded into a compact and protective travel case and quickly put into a pocket or bag.

And, unlike other keyboards, it is folded in the space between keyboards to ensure comfortable keyboard space so that you can do more things freely.

Zagg’s elaborate design has significant advantages on the whole. The built-in battery compartment, backlit keyboard, special function keys, these functions are convenient for users. At present, this portable Bluetooth keyboard has been launched in the U.S. market, and the price is $70.

Zagg is a good choice if you have a suitable text input experience on your mobile phone/iPad.

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