Zagg Glass Elite Privacy 360 Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro Review

We will unbox the iPhone 14 Pro and its screen protector from ZAGG. This is the Invisible Shield Glass Elite Privacy 360 version.

Hey guys, welcome to the big unboxing. Today, we will unbox the iPhone 14 Pro and its screen protector from ZAGG. This is the Invisible Shield Glass Elite Privacy 360 version, which is quite expensive at $59. However, I found a coupon code to lower the price to around $45. While ZAGG’s privacy screen protectors are known for their excellent quality, it’s still a hefty price.

Zagg Glass Elite Privacy 360 Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro Review

Let’s see if it’s worth it. The presentation looks good, with the usual marketing language about it being the “strongest ever” and such. Let’s open it up and see what we’ve got. So far, in my reviews of screen protectors for the iPhone 14 Pro, I would say that the best value is definitely the Spigen and SpeedClear ones.

Zagg Glass Elite Privacy 360 Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro Review

I haven’t tried the Spigen privacy screen protector yet, but I believe it exists. For under $20, you can get a two-pack of either of these, which is a great deal. Protect your phone and ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

Let’s go get to it. I’ve got your lifetime warranty (or limited lifetime warranty). Read that. I’ve also got your installation tray, and then we’ve got the contents: probably The Usual Suspects. We’ve got your microfiber cloth to wipe it down, a dust removal sticker, and a wet wipe (because you know we’re still wiping it).

And then you’ve got your screen protector right here. Let’s go and check this out. They have a little cutout around the pill area (no longer the notch, my bad). So far, the other ones I’ve reviewed have been completely covered up. That may be why they have this exposed – maybe the privacy glass is affecting the camera. But you can see what kind of protection you will get with this thick glass. It has a nice weight to it as well. All right, so let’s get to it. Take out the beautiful 14 pro in space gray – highly recommend that color.

So far, as I said, I’ve been rocking this. You can still see fingerprints and stuff like that, but that’s how it will look. The Spigen one – I would recommend this one. There are obviously fingerprints, but they’re all like that after a while, so cancel that.

Get out of there. Got my Apple information up. What are we doing here? All right, we’re going to roll. Okay, so I’ll take the microfiber cloth and wipe it down first. There we go. And then I’ll just put the tray in – you’ve got the top part and the bottom part. Okay, okay. And then what we’ll do is take the wet wipe first.

I appreciate it when they give you the damp wipe because I feel like it gives you a nice initial layer of cleanliness before starting the installation. Some other companies don’t do that. I did the Belkin one and missed this step, and I had a little bit of dust that I may have missed because of that. Get a nice clean layer of glass there. All right, then what I’ll do is take the dust removal sticker. Take this. All right, pretty good. I’ll keep this right…

I’ll keep it close to me just in case something does come up where I need it because that does happen – you’ll start the installation and realize, ‘Oh crap, there’s a piece of dust in there.’ All right, then what we’ve got is… let’s see, we’ll peel this one first. It says, ‘Avoid touching the adhesive,’ so we’ll take this off right here. Top, bottom. Okay, the adhesive should start adhering. There we go. That’s how it’s going to look. Give me one second. Let me turn it on here.

You can see it right here… it’s a maybe… what do you think about that? Is that cutout, right? I mean, it looks like the pill cutouts are slightly off. How do you guys feel about that? Look, see how it’s kind of right on there? It looks like it may be a little bit off. I believe that they’re trying to do just around that actual area. Do you think it’s a little short up top? I’m not sure. It doesn’t look as clean as I would have expected it to.

I would have expected the cutout around the entire area of the pill to be actual… you can see what I’m saying to the virtual camera. But overall, it feels natural to the touch. I like that. But you can see, this is what you’re going to get.

Let’s go and turn it on here so you can see. This is what you’re going to get from that. You’ve got complete edge-to-edge protection. I do like that. It’s very close to the edge, and you can see… front, you can see this facing on. This is what you’re looking at when you’re going through your stuff, but somebody comes up beside you… boom, that’s what they’re seeing.

And it cuts off right there. So they’re actually doing their job. Now, in the past, I’ve noticed some of these. And some of the companies, and even with ZAGG, I think it was just a different… I don’t know if they used additional material for the 13 minis. Still, it was other than the 4 or 13 mini or 13 Pro because the 13 mini had this like dot matrix on it, and it wasn’t crystal clear. You could actually see these dots on the actual screen itself.

Where this one looks pretty straightforward. Let me turn up the screen quickly to see maximum clarity. Here’s the brightness. So we’ll turn that up. See what I’m saying? So you can still see it. And then the front… look at that. And then side, front, side. So overall, I do like this. I think it’s actually… it has a purpose. It’s not going to be for everybody.

Everybody will not need this, but I do like what they did. I’m not 100% positive about the cutout yet. I have to really kind of explore that once I actually use it a little bit more. What do you guys think about that cutout? Is that wrong? Do you think… I think I did the line, but right. Everything looks pretty clean. But the way they did it is maybe a little bit different. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but if you’ve got that OCD, it may drive you nuts.

But to me, it looks… I think okay. So overall, I’m going to call this one a hit.

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