5 Best External Keyboard For iPad Pro

iPad Pro without an external keyboard is incomplete. With these five keyboard bases, you can make the iPad Pro a tool to improve productivity.

iPad Pro without an external keyboard is incomplete. As a tablet with great potential, this 12.9-inch Apple tablet has attracted the attention of many accessory manufacturers.

Therefore, in addition to the official external keyboard, we also have many third-party options. Therefore, this post will introduce five iPad Pro external keyboards from different accessory manufacturers.

With these keyboard bases, you can make the iPad Pro a tool to improve productivity. Let’s start.

Zagg Messenger Universal

Price: US $70

The classic Zagg Messenger Universal keyboard series will also come out with the iPad Pro version, which uses a design similar to Smart Case and integrates a Bluetooth keyboard. Compared with its own Slim Book Pro series, Messenger Universal is lighter and more portable. Of course, the keyboard design is also more compact, which is suitable for users pursuing portable experiences.

Logitech Create Backlit keyboard

Price: US $149

This is Logitech’s external keyboard case for iPad Pro. It uses a magnetic connection and supports Apple’s smart connection function, which means that it can boot and pair automatically. Logitech said that the keyboard case would adopt a full-size layout and keys while providing a lightweight experience.

Logitech chose a strong and compact fabric to wrap the keyboard. The material is strong and durable, and its special structure can prevent the liquid from spilling. The bent bottom of the creative backlit keyboard case allows the iPad Pro to connect to the keyboard via a smart connector, wired connection, and Bluetooth wireless connection.

Zagg Slim Book Pro

Price: US $139

Zagg Slim Book Pro keyboard shell is also from Zagg’s recent products, with an adjustable connecting shaft design, which can achieve a 135-degree angle. Besides, the keyboard has a built-in battery, supports a backlight, and has excellent size and feel, which can realize the input experience similar to a laptop.

Apple Official Smart Keyboard

Price: US $169

Apple is also well aware that the external keyboard plays an important role in the iPad Pro series, so Apple has officially built a smart keyboard for the iPad Pro, which fully improves the efficiency of the iPad Pro. The keyboard is made of electronic fabric and has 64 buttons, which makes it easy to use. This keyboard can also be waterproof and antifouling, and at the same time, its weight is also very light, very easy to carry.

IVSO iPad Pro Case

Price: US $19

This case is very cheap, so it is also made of cheap polyurethane leather, and the soft texture can provide sufficient protection for the iPad Pro. It has three basic functions, a bracket, Bluetooth 3.0, and a very special portable stick. This design makes the iPad Pro more portable and provides a better input experience than the conventional silicone keyboard.

Besides, the IVSO case won’t block any iPad Pro interface, and the built-in rechargeable battery can bring an additional 3 hours of battery life, making the iPad Pro work for 60 hours.


This post introduces five intelligent products around iPad Pro. I have to say that the Apple ecosystem is so mature.

Apple offers not only official products but also other third-party products. Here, I especially recommend Zagg Messenger Universal. You know, Zagg has invested a lot of energy in the peripherals of smart devices in the United States. Not only from the appearance design, but also from the practicality, or the price, are very popular.

Zagg Messenger Universal alone is only $70. This product is enough for our daily use. I hope you like this post.

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