Zagg Glass+ for iPhone 8 Plus: Install and Review

I'm going to install this Zagg glass-tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone 8 plus in silver. When I first got my 8+ Plus, one of the first things that I wanted to do was install a screen protector on it to protect its precious screen

I’m going to install this Zagg glass-tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone 8 plus in silver. When I first got my 8+ Plus, one of the first things that I wanted to do was install a screen protector on it to protect its precious screen, and I immediately thought of Zagged, because I’ve had good experience with their products in the past.

So let’s install this and see what the results are on my beautiful new iPhone 8 Plus and silver. feature wise, the Zagg glass plus advertises itself as having 9h hardness, being slimmed, scratch resistant, having ion matrix, impact protection– whatever that is, and a bubble-free application adhesive. So let’s check it out.

Zagg Glass+ for iPhone 8 Plus: Install and Review

Zagg Screen Protector Review

Looking at the contents of the box, we obviously have the screen protector itself. Now we have a wet wipe to clean your screen before installation, a microfiber to dry it off afterwards. We have the all-important dust removal sticker for those pesky last little bits of dust. and finally, there’s information about the lifetime replacement guarantee for the product.

Zagg has a program in place where, if you have a damaged screen protector that you purchased from them and it’s been registered with them and you can simply just pay a shipping and handling fee and get a replacement for as long as you own the device, so that is really kind of a nice thing that Zagg offers. It’s an expensive screen protector up front, but the lifetime replacement guarantee can be definitely helpful in some circumstances.

Before you embark upon your screen protector install, there are some things that you want to keep in mind. First of all, work in a dust free or as dust free as possible well-lit area. You might want to turn off the air conditioning or heating so that there is a little air blowing about you as possible so that you have less chance of dust landing on your screen during the screen protector installed. You also want to make sure that your screen is as clean as possible so that provides a little wet wipe here for cleaning it and a microfiber cloth for drawing it, as well as a dust removal sticker for getting rid of pesky bits of dust, as I mentioned before. So that’s all great.

I am personally not going to use the wet wipe because this is a brand new phone and honestly it’s really clean still. So I’m just going to use the microfiber cloth and the dust removal sticker to get everything all set before the install. But if your phone is dirty or or less new. You certainly might want to consider using this wet wipe, because that’s a great way to make sure your screen is extremely clean. I’m so happy that Zagg includes a dust removal sticker in this package.

Screen Protector – How to Take Off the Screen Protector

Sometimes you have screen protector manufacturers that don’t, and that’s just really disappointing, because honestly it’s a very, very useful tool. The next thing that you want to do is take out the screen protector itself. There are instructions on the outside of the sleeves if you want additional help on this process, but it’s really pretty straightforward.

So the screen protector is not going to be yellow when you put it on your phone. I promise these are the protective layers that are keeping the adhesive area nice and clean and dust free. So essentially what you’re going to be doing is to peel off this layer marked number one first and avoid touching the adhesive, and then carefully put this on with the adhesive side touching your phone now. It always helps to line this up a little before you actually put it on your phone to get a sense of what you’re hoping for.

Obviously you’ve got your home button cut out here, and then you’re going to want to align it with the cutouts at the top, also so I like to kind of hover over it for a while, even before I take off the adhesive and just look at it and see how it looks like it’s going to fit. So this is a case compatible screen protector. It’s not going to go all the way over to the edges. You just need to focus on your home button, make sure the sides are straight, and make sure everything lines up at the top okay, and you should be in good shape now.

At this point I usually stop and examine the phone again and make sure that there’s no dust before I actually put the screen protector down on it, because at least in my house there usually is a little dust or a cat hair or something like that has fallen onto the phone.

So do a last-minute inspection before you put the screen protector down. Remember to be careful about touching the adhesive bottom of the protector when you are taking off the back covering. And also, you can always hold the screen protector by these nice little handles which Zagg has thoughtfully provided. They really do work well. carefully lower the screen protector onto your screen.

Zagg Glass Screen Protector Install on My 8-Plus

Pay careful attention to the fit of the home button and to the ear speaker and make sure everything is straight up and down before you finally let go. Once everything looks good, let it go and watch it here. once it has adhered;. Simply peel off the outer layer and hopefully there won’t be any bubbles. But if there are, then you can press the existing bubbles away okay? Well, so have a few areas here that we need to press into place. Overall, I think that this is really looking pretty good. So looking at the results of the Zagg glass screen protector install on my 8-plus, I think everything is looking really good. This was a very easy install. Everything went on very nicely. There was basically no bubbling present. I really do like the handles that they have on the installer. That makes everything go much more easily. Everything looks and feels great on here. We’ve got nicerounded edges, so there’s nothing sharp underneath your fingers.

Screen Protector Review – The OtterBox Alpha Glass Screen Protector

Screen protector really blends in very well with the body of the phone, in my opinion. Now we do have this exposed perimeter around here. That’s because this is a case compatible screen protector and it is working as designed overall, just really good. We also have basically no haddling along the sides. The Haloing is when you have this kind of a white line that goes along the sides. It’s where the screen protector is not adhering properly to thecurved edges of the foam. That does happen with some really good screen protectors. Actually, this is the OtterBox Alpha Glass on my iPhone 7 Plus, and I really liked this screen protector. If very usable, very tough, worked really well, but it definitely had a haloing problem.

Zagg Glass Plus Screen Protector Review

You’re not seeing that with the zack glass plus. a really good job by Zagg. terms of performance, everything feels great. It looks so great with this screen protector. We’ve got excellent optical clarity. There is no issue with any 3d touch. This feels very smudge resistant, fingerprint resistant. Everything swipes wonderfully. honestly, this is just a complete pleasure to have on your phone. So really, Kudos to Zagg. I think they did a great job with this.

Zagg Glass Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 Plus

Again, we’ve been looking at the Zagg glass plustempered glass screen protector for iPhone 8 Plus. This is backward compatible with 7+ plus, 6+s plus and 6+ plus, and has an MSRP of $39.99. Many thanks to the kind folks at Zagg for sending me at this sample to review. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to put them in the comments below, and I will do my best to address them. And if you’re considering subcribing, please do it. I’ve got lots more great accessory reviews for iPhone 8 plus products coming up. This is Kristin and this is the Zagg glass plus for iPhone 8 Plus. Have a fantastic day.


Zagg Glass Plus is a glasstempered glass screen protector. It’s an expensive screen protector, up front, but the lifetime replacement guarantee can be helpful in some circumstances. The screen protector comes with a microfiber cloth and a dust removal sticker. It is not recommended to use the wet wipe to clean the screen. It also does not work on the iPhone 8 Plus in silver. It does not come with a screen protector for the iPhone 7. It will not work for the Apple Watch. It doesn’t work for any other iPhone. It won’t work with any other Apple products. It has no screen protection. It only works for the 8 Plus. It works for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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