Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ Privacy for iPhone X Unboxing, Installation, and Review

I am back with another big boxing for you for the iPhone 10, and today we got the Zagg tempered glass screen protector. This one's actually called the glass plus privacy version to box.

Today I am back with another big boxing for you for the iPhone 10, and today we got the Zagg tempered glass screen protector. This one’s actually called the glass plus privacy version to box. We’ll try to do the installation on video as always. I’ll throw up that link in the video description if you guys want to check it out.

So the pricing on this one is definitely going to be steep: $44.9, so it’s very heavy. It’ll see if it’s worth the price of admission, as we do the installation, and then the full review. So pricing is steep. Packaging definitely looks premium. glass plus privacy. You got the little zag and the shield up top for iPhone 10 and you can tell that you get a little more tinted window for the screen protector right there. I believe this one actually does come with the installation tray, which is money. If you’re actually doing this yourself, it actually is very helpful. little sag level on the back.

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ Privacy for iPhone X Unboxing, Installation, and Review

On the back you get a little more detail to what you’re getting. You’re getting the Zaggtempered glass, the easy apply tray, which is definitely money, instructions, microfiber, cleaning wipe, and then the mandatory dust removal sticker. So packaging is definitely premium. I believe you get a little tab right here to pull it back and let’s go and get to the boxing guys and see if this is a hit or miss. I mean anytime you pay $50 bucks or close to $50 bucks or something, you expect it to be premium. You expected to be get to go on properly and basically expected to do what you actually wanted to do for that price point, because it’s a steep price to pay when there’s definitely alternatives out there that are cheaper. So I’m curious to see if this one’s actuallygonna be a hit or miss. I’m currently rocking one of the zags right now, and this one’s actually going be the luxury version.

Screen Protector Review

I love this screen protector. I took off the back version of this but left the front screen protector on its full edge to edge protection. It just got a natural feel to it and it feels there’s not. It’s not short at all, so when you like wiping up it’s got full edge to edge, so it feels very natural. Really like it. The price is a little see, you got your little stop lifetime replacements. Read the fine print on that.

We’ll put that to the side. Got your mandatory dust removal sticker. put that as well to the side. You got your wet wipe. We’ll put that to the side and then you got your microfiber cloth.

Screen Protector – Is It Tinted?

I always keep this handy to wipe that beautiful back of the foam down, I believe. Well, no, I thought usually there’s some type of zag branding on that, but not so much with that one. So here’s the timber glass, and you can tell it is definitely tinted. I’ve actually never had a tinted one before, so I’m kind of curious how that’sgonna be. Isgonna affect like. viewing angles is going to make a little difference in terms of like actually looking at it up close. So I’m very curious to that. So this is actually very thick temper glass. You can see.

The material itself feels premium. Give you guys some different views, different angles of this definitely feels very premium. Here’s the installation tray. So what you’re going do is drop your phone in the installation tray and it’s actually going up line up the screen protector very nicely. So let me do this. guys. I’m going to put the video onpause. I’m going read the instructions. We’ll try to do this installation on video.

hold tight, be right back, guys. hold tight, right guys.

How to Clean Off a Camera Screen

So we got the screen pretty much cleaned off. I’m going to try this behind camera so it’s a little more difficult, but I’ll make sure I give you guys the proper instructions. So what you want to do is clean off the screen. obviously use the necessary tools that they provided you with the wet wipe. clean that off the wet wipe and then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to get that screen completely cleaned off. I mean he does two particles.

Do it front of direct lighting so you can make sure that you’re not getting anything on it anytime. You only get one. You know it’s definitely it’s a little scary, because if you mess it up you’re done. So. Try to do that front of direct lighting and they kind of get a game plan of how you’re going to do it. either watch some videos online or definitely read the instructions a few times as well.

Screen Protector Installation Tray Instructions

So this one does have the installation tray, which is very, very nice, because it sets up that top part. You almost got to little things type hanging up near the knotch part up top, which is very helpful, getting that top part aligned up, and then you’ll have some instructions right here. basicallygonna pull this off first. You can see that this is going to be the top notch part up here so you can kind of lay it like just like that and then hopefully just lay flat without any type of issues at all. So the first thing is definitely get a game plan going, how you’re going to line it up, and then obviously you see how we’re going to line it up with the installation tray up top.

So these are the two top parts for the actual top. So what we’ll do is get this, take this off first. This is your one layer, so you’re going to take this off first. obviously you don’t want to touch the inside of it because if you touch that, that’s the adhesive part, and that’s kind of going mess things up.

So then what you want to do is just line up the actual screen protector in the tray and it actually should start adhering at that point. Use your finger to kind of line it up and then it actually should be good to go at that point because basically that’sgonna line it up with the tray up top. So you’re knotting and lined up the knotch part and then you’re going to take this off boom, and it actually should be lined up just right, hopefully, because you can see that’s actually where the knotch part is, if you guys have any questions about that, definitely follow the instructions.

Screen Protector Review

But it looks like it went on pretty easy. I got some few bubbles on my workout right now let me put the video onpause, I’ll clean it up, and then we’ll see how the actual review finishes up. I can tell you it’s a little shorter. You can see it’s a little shorter than the one I just reviewed in the Lux version. You can see. This is the lux version. You can see how actual it’s got black lines, but in my opinion the black lines are really nice because it fills out the entire screen.

So when you’re lifting up to swipe up it’s a natural feel where it’s actually not short at all. With this one you can see, it’s just a little short right there. So when you’re wiping up it’s kind of annoying. That’s just personal preference, I guess, but to me this is a very natural feeling. I think that should have came out. This is just a regulartempered glass screen protector, because this comes with the screen protector and then a back layertempered glass screen protector, as well. So let me clean this up real quick and we’ll finish the review. Okay guys, hold tight. Alright guys, welcome back. So I’ve got the clean screen protector pretty much cleaned up and it went on and says: “You guys saw the installation was pretty easy, as it was a little short around that just barely you can see how short it is.”.

So when you wash, wiping up it, you actually are going to feel the edges a little bit. So that is type of kind of annoying. Give you guys some different views of it. screen protector is quality. You can see it’s raised up just enough, and it works itself out just around the not just nicely look at that perfect fitting. So with this tray you get a very nice installation around that notch. So no issues at all with the knotch lined up again. It’s a little short around the sides, as well. So let’s go and check it out. guys, let me put my little face up in here and hopefully fail on camera. Alright, so you can see it’s definitely tinted. I’m trying to give you guys the best views. As you can see, it definitely has a little tint to it, and I’m not sure if I like that or not, but if you’re obviously you can see just how with it. It’s just tense at an angle, so maybe it is pretty nice in terms of you know, somebody walks upon you and you’re reading your text messages.

They can’t really look at. Look at this angle right here. You can’t really see it. I can see it, it dead-on, but at this angle you can’t really see it.

Is This a Good Wipe?

So that is pretty nice. That is a nice aspect of it and it is well made. But what I would say is you can see just a little short around the edges, so you are going have that same type of issue as the original one had when you’re wiping up. This is a little short, but it does have premium fit around the corners and the edges itself. I would say, if you guys are looking for, this is what you’re actually going for. If you guys are going for something that’s actually you know, probably see you intended. If you guys want something that’s not going, you know, look at that. You can’t even see it on a certain angle. That is, that is nice. So if that’s what you’re looking for, a privacy, this is probably a hit. But if you guys want the premium of the premium at this point, I would say check out the love version. It has more of a natural feel to it and it’s full edge to edge where, just when you swipe up, it’s very natural–feels really nice. It feels like the screen is barren itself. So that would be my recommendation. If you guys are looking for, I guess, for privacy, check out this one. This is probably a hit. If not, check out the lux version. It’s very expensive, but I really like the way this is. Maybe look at that nice room protector all over them, get edge to edge, and it doesn’t affect any type of viewing angles either. So I would say, if this is what you’re looking for, this is probably yes, if you’re looking for privacy, this is probably hidden. otherwise you probably want to spend your money elsewhere. Maybe look at the lux version. let me know what you guys think in the comment section. hit the subscribe button. We’ll see you guys next time. One look big on box you.


The Zaggtempered glass protector is available for the iPhone 10. It costs $44.9. We’ll do the installation on video as always. The full review will be posted after the installation. The ZaggTempered Glass is a version of the glass plus privacy version. It’s available now for the Apple iPhone 10 and the iPhone 5. For more information, visit Zagg Tempered For the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For other iPhone models, visit the Apple Store or the Apple Accessories Store. For more information, visit or the Android Accessories Store for more information.

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