ZAGG InvisibleShield EZ Apply Installation

When we get the ZAGG InvisibleShield box, you will find the mounting tray, a paper envelope with the screen protector, and another paper envelope.

Today I will show you how to install the Zagg InvisibleShield screensaver using our new easy installation method.

When we get the ZAGG InvisibleShield box, you will find the mounting tray, a paper envelope with the screen protector, and another paper envelope with the mounting materials.

It includes a wet wipe for cleaning the screen, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a dust removal sticker.

You will find the installation instructions printed outside the envelope containing the screen protector. Of course, we won’t read this instruction carefully, but it doesn’t matter.

The warranty information is printed on the inside of the box. Now let’s start installing this ZAGG InvisibleShield protective film.

Step-By-Step Installation Of ZAGG InvisibleShield Screen Protector

  1. First, clean the phone screen with a wet wipe to remove any smudges and oil stains from the screen.
  2. Then use a microfiber cloth.
  3. Finally, use a dusting sticker to pick up any debris that may have settled on the screen.
  4. Now you are ready to install your InvisibleShield.
  5. Place the simple application tray on a flat surface with the pegs facing up.
  6. Place the phone on the tray, making sure the top of the phone is at the end of the tray.
  7. Now pick up the screen protector and peel off the protector with the tab labeled number one.
  8. Ensure that the screen protector is facing down and not touching the exposed surface by placing the InvisibleShield on the Easy Application tray.
  9. Place the cutout on each label on the corresponding nail on the tray. And the exposed adhesive side facing down toward the surface of the phone screen.
  10. The tray holds the InvisibleShield directly above the screen.
  11. Press down on the center of the InvisibleShield, then remove the top and bottom tabs from the mounting tray, and the InvisibleShield will install itself.
  12. Carefully peel off the top protective layer and remove your phone from the simple mounting tray.
  13. Finally, press out any microbubbles with a microfiber cloth and wipe away any fingerprints, dust, or debris accumulated during the installation.


You’ll notice that two areas of this process require our special attention.
One is that we have to get rid of the dust. Another is to use the Easy Application tray.
I am sure that if we use this tray provided by ZAGG, we will install the phone protector perfectly.
Now you are protected by the number one trusted brand in screen protection, ZAGG InvisibleShield.

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