How to register Zagg InvisibleShield Warranty Glass+ Part 2 - Zagg Com Register

By Gavin | December 28, 2018

We're going to be doing part two registering the product item here from the iPhone X glass shield, let's get this party on the road how do I register.

We were clicking here and hopefully it there goes, we need to make our own account, we're going to do that. Now we just basically made an account and how to input your email, your name, your first and last name, email again, and password to create your product. Hopefully, this is going to work well. When you register the case, you'll be registered, same time you do not need to register. Please select a category, audio case, and visit shield.

First select a device, can you do a cell phone for loops, I thought that was on, it's Apple and we are the iPhone X, this is the gasp plus, this is the best one when did you buy this, select your purchase location, you purchase an Amazon, I printed a Verizon store for raisin. How many did you purchase? I purchased 36, that brings it one your family, so now we're just registering the party and it should be in.

Now we have to put more person looks like after putting in our personal information, that everything should be good to go. This is where we were clicking, this is the quick link that we use to register to the product, but if we want to look at something. If let's say we just broke our phone, to do the warranty replacement, we just click on that as we wait to load, and then once you request a replacement, it'll be automatically for you.

I mean it the only thing that does say that you need to pay for your shipping and handling, which is not that big of a deal.

There's all that information that we did, the retail price, there it is - as well $39.99, it looks like it wasn't that difficult, all you had to do is just pull a bit of your information in there, and everything looked like it would be working.