Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector For iPhone

The father of the Zagg stealth shield of the US toughened glass membrane has officially entered the Chinese mainland, carrying 3 categories and 11 products.

Zagg’s smartphone peripheral products can be said to be the pride of the United States. In the mobile phone industry, there is the iPhone series, and the peripheral product of the mobile phone is Zagg, which is very good.

Zagg Launch From Jingdong

According to the news, the father of the Zagg stealth shield of the United States toughened glass membrane has officially entered the Chinese mainland, carrying three categories and 11 products, and is being launched on the Jingdong, a popular online retailer in China.

Jingdong has a huge market and user base in the Chinese mainland, and it can make a good recommendation for Zagg to open the Chinese mainland market. The official launch of Zagg products and the iPhone will be carried out simultaneously, attracting many netizens to watch.

At present, most mobile phone screen protectors on the market, the main function is so-called blue light eye protection, but the product’s fall protection performance has always been a soft rib. For any kind of mobile phone screen protector, the most basic role is to protect the phone, prevent screen breakage.

In this regard, the Zagg stealth shield toughened glass membrane adopts a 5-layer protection mode. General uses grade product raw materials and nanotechnology to make products, which greatly enhances the anti-falling property of the toughened screen protector.

On the Jingdong website page, Zagg also put forward the slogan of ‘Lifelong quality assurance,’ which shows its confidence in quality.

Zagg Toughened Glass Membrane 5 Layers Protection

  • The First layer, nano memory technology. Strong self-healing. Zagg high-tech nano storage technology can repeatedly restore the scratches and dents on the mobile phone screen protector, extending the service life of the device.
  • The third layer is a military-grade high molecular weight polyurethane screen protector. This kind of screen protector material comes from the “high-speed rotating wear protection” on the blades of U.S. military helicopters. Compared with ordinary materials, the mobile phone screen protector made from it is more wear-resistant, more protective, and has a longer service life.
  • The second and fourth layers are military-grade adhesive sandwiches. The sandwich can effectively cushion the impact of the product, reduce the impact strength and minimize the damage.
  • The fifth layer, high a definition display screen protector. The high-definition display screen protector adopts 100% light conduction, which will not cause color deviation or image quality loss. Besides, a smooth glass surface and gradient edge will not affect the touch of a mobile phone.

Zagg Toughened Glass Membrane For iPhone And iWatch

From the Jingdong page, Zagg stealth shield brings three categories of 11 products. Among them, Invisible Shield HDX high-definition repair protection and Invisible Shield Glass stealth shield toughened glass membrane series. For iWatch users, the Zagg stealth shield brings in the high-definition repair protection screen protector of the Invisible Shield HD model.

The difference between Invisible Shield HDX and Invisible Shield Glass is that HDX is the main HD repair function. If the phone is in close contact with coins and keys, HDX can restore the dent as it is. Glass is more prominent for providing precision touch sensitivity and achromatic image functions.

As the father of the toughened glass membrane in the United States, the Zagg invisible shield is the first time to enter the Chinese mainland market. Naturally, consumers can enjoy some concessions. The full amount of gifts, praise, print back. It can be seen that to “please” Chinese consumers, Zagg’s stealth shield is ruthless.


The introduction of toughened glass membrane for mobile phones has greatly protected our smartphones. As we all know, today’s smartphone is not just a mobile phone. If you want me to say, today’s smartphone is a mobile smart computer.

The big screen of the mobile phone can give us more visual range, but the disadvantage is that the big screen is extremely easy to crack. Therefore, Zagg’s toughened screen protector must be aimed at the shortcomings of the mobile phone’s large screen and make corresponding protection measures.

I think Zagg’s mobile phone protective screen protector is a household name in the United States. This time, if I can succeed in the Chinese mainland market, I think it will be very beneficial to Zagg. I hope Zagg’s mobile phone screen protector can have a good sale in the Chinese mainland and win word of mouth.

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