ZAGG Keys ProPlus Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard

Zagg Keys Pro Plus. This is a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, and I'm going to do a quick review of it. Already unboxed it and I have it sitting here with the iPad mounted in the little groove that it provides

Welcome to the video of the Zagg Keys Pro Plus. This is a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, and I’m going to do a quick review of it. Already unboxed it and I have it sitting here with the iPad mounted in the little groove that it provides, and what we’re going do here is, as you can see now, I put the iPad mounted this way and we can actually mount it standing up. So we have multiple options for mounting their iPad and iPad down for right now, and this is the Zagg Keys Pro plus keyboard Zagg.

ZAGG Keys ProPlus Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard

iPad Screen Protected With Magnets

then, what I like about this is it has two little exit, four little magnet and rubber places in the corners. This is where your iPad will actually mount the magnets– pretty strong, so this actually protects the front of the screen. On the back, this is made of airplane grade aluminum, so it’s pretty sturdy. The only thing I don’t like is it’s been – yeah, I keep it in a bag, a backpack transported to and from work and places like that, and it’s it’s getting a little scuffed up, so it’s showing some wear and some tear. Not as pretty as I’d like on the back, but you know, not nothing terrible, and I’ll demonstrate now, is the way the iPad goes on is on one side. probably see it right here. There’s a little gap right in here. This is for like charging it. You can actually charge it with this mounted and in the case–and the way this happens is, you’ll take the charging side, line it up with the gap, and then just drop the iPad down in it, and now you have what looks like a little netbook. Actually, the iPad screen is protected, but the back is exposed, but the front is covered with this. The thing I like about this is I have like the Zaggfolio keyboard and it’s not easy access to get to the iPad all the time.

You have to take it out a little bit this one here. You simply take it, take it disconnected, magnets bang, and you are in business.

iPad Pro Keyboard Review – iPad Pro Keyboard Review

Now. What I want to do here is what this has. Why it’s a plus is this is a backlit keyboard and I’ll go ahead and turn this on and I may have to dim the lighting in here, but I will go ahead and turn that on one push there and you can see that it’s lit. Another push is the medium brightness and a third push gives you the full brightness. And what’s nice about this, as well, is this comes with. That’s seven different colors to scroll through. and the way you do that is, you just hold the lit backlit down in the arrow and now you can go through the color combinations.

There’s like a kind of a reddish, orange, kind of a green, darker green, that’s kind of a blue, that’s a dark blue and downright kind of fuchsia or purple. And then we’re just back to regular old clear. I’m going to zoom in on that best I can on the keyboard here and try to give you a good look. But when I press it again when you’re on the highest brightness, then it just turns to keyboard off. It does kind of hit the battery life a little bit. But can tell you when I charge this once–and I’ve used it quite a bit–and I haven’t had to charge it again–and we’ll just turn that back on. The keys are really nice.

You know you’ve got one function. keys You have like lower the volume, raise the volume, and you can see that it responds on the iPad when you just hit a one key function. There’s plenty of room in between the keys. I haven’t had any problems typing on this. I love it. This is a little battery light down here when you’re charging it, it’ll give you an indicator light that it’s charging or fully charged so that we green it’s fully charged in the amber if it’s charging. So that’s another nice little feature. When you do plug it in, it does charge via just a standard USB microUSB. Don’t turn the lights off right here on the side. You’ll just plug that in. It does come with a cable, but it does not come with a wall charger. You just have to provide that.

The other things is, pairing is right here. This is real simple to pair. once you’re paired, it’s done.

iPad Keyboard Review

You don’t have to do it again. Haynes turn the keyboard on and off right here. If you do not use this keyboard for like 3–I don’t know flips 3 or 5 minutes, it will automatically shut off to save your battery. That’s another nice feature. Get another than that. The back keys was really a selling point for me. I love it, can type in a little bit of the darkness and get away with it, and I do like that. The quick access to the iPad is nice and also just the convenience and easy factor. And I do have like afolio thickness out here, and when I’m talking about thefolio version, this is thefolio version keyboard looks very similar, but the iPad mounts in the top here and then you just close this up and you’ll carry it. Get it out. It’s a little more troublesome. You just got to slide it in. Sometimes you have to neve slide this keyboard out to get the iPad out easily. I like this does not have backlit keys unless you get the foil plus. I just don’t like spending the extra time to try to get the iPad in and out of the cover when I want quick access to the iPad. So this is thefolio. I’ll do a separate video on it. I might even try to get the foil plus with the backlit keys because I do like the backlit keys. That’s just a bonus, and my MacBook has it and I just like it. I think it looks good on the iPad. I’ll have a link to the product in my show notes. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to leave me a message. again, thanks for watching.


The Zagg Keys Pro Plus is a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. It has a magnetic mount for the device. The keyboard is made of airplane grade aluminum. It’s not as pretty as I’d like on the back, but you know, not nothing terrible. It is a great way to use the iPad in a pinch. It works with Apple’s iPad mini and the iPad mini Plus. It also works with the iPad Pro. It costs $99.99. It goes on sale in September. It will be available in the U.S. and Canada. It can be preordered now. It should be available by the end of the month. It will be available for $99 in the United States and Canada, and it will be on sale worldwide.

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