ZAGG US HeadQuarters Design Appreciation

By Gavin

ZAGG, a supplier of electronic accessories, was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2005. ZAGG is engaged in the design and production of mobile phone and electronic equipment accessories and sells them under the two main brands of ZAGG and InvisibleShield. This case is the main architect's design team's headquarters in Bidwell, Utah for ZAGG.


In September 2005, Apple just released its first iPod Nano product. ZAGG seized the opportunity to design a fully protective case for the iPod and succeeded in one stroke. As a fast-growing high-tech company, ZAGG needs an innovative office environment that can shape its brand image, promote future growth, product research and development, and an open collaboration space that encourages team communication and interaction.

Super Open Central Staircase

The design team built a super open central staircase in the center of the plane, which strongly combined the upper and lower floors. This central staircase not only makes the whole space more open and bright, but also can be used for group discussion, working alone, all parties, and product development demonstration.

ZAGG Flexible Work Forms

Compared with the operation, sales, and marketing departments, product design is the core of ZAGG, and it is also the design focus of this case. Here, they create a variety of flexible work forms to promote exchanges and cooperation. Besides, through the furniture configuration to create leisure collaboration space and improvisation space, to meet the diversified work needs.

In addition to the open central staircase, the office space has an amazing view of the Salt Lake Valley.

What impresses the fashion office most is the graphic and text wall design full of passion and color. 

It has to be said that the design team of the whole headquarters reflects the modern feeling everywhere. Moreover, it is fashionable and more in line with the style of the electronic company. If I have a chance, I want to visit the headquarters.