ZAGG Anti-Glare Tempered Film, Outdoor Gods

There are two “pillars” in the tempered film industry, one is the popular “anti-blue light tempered film”, and the other is the rising rookie “anti-peeping tempered film”. The black technology “anti-glare tempered film” is often ignored.

To understand the role of “anti-glare tempered film“,

First of all, you need to know what glare is,

Why “anti-glare”?

Glare is actually a “visual state”. There are two main types of glare that are most commonly encountered when using electronic devices:

01 A noticeably uneven brightness distribution appears on the screen.

This is the most common situation, because the screen is mostly covered with glass, and the reflected strong light will cause discomfort to the human eyes. If the eyes are focused on the screen content at this time, not only can they not see clearly, but it will also hurt the eyes. cause some damages.

02 The screen brightness is too high, and it is directly directed at the human eye.

This phenomenon is more common when the ambient light is relatively dark. The human eye will accelerate visual fatigue due to the direct light from the screen, which will have a huge impact on vision.

In order to clearly see the content on the screen outdoors without being affected by glare, we need to shield the reflection to make the light from the electronic screen go through a similar “scattering” process to soften the light reaching the eyes.

If you know Apple’s Pro Display XDR professional display series, you should be familiar with “Nano-texture nano-texture glass panel”. This special process screen panel is specially designed to reduce screen glare, but the high price does persuade Many non-professional users have been returned.

Many professional users spend an extra 8,000 yuan just to have an anti-glare function, which is enough to see how important anti-glare is for professional users who work on the screen every day.

What about iPhone users?

For iPhone users, the time to face the phone every day may not be less than those of professional users. In this case, what should be used to curb the hateful glare?

ZAGG|ISOD “Anti-Glare Antibacterial Tempered Film” Alternative

As a ZAGG|ISOD tempered film specially produced for the whole series of iPhone13, this is the most easily missed black technology.

ZAGG|ISOD “anti-glare antibacterial tempered film” adopts special anti-glare technology,

Effectively prevent direct light from damaging the eyes,

No annoying glare on the screen in reflected light outdoors,

And can reduce visual fatigue.

Among the many causes of damage to vision, everyone hates blue light.

Don’t ignore the “invisible killer” of glare.

ZAGG|ISOD “Anti-Glare Antibacterial Tempered Tempered Film” can not only effectively prevent glare, but also add ZAGG’s antibacterial coating, which can eliminate 99.9% of common surface bacteria and comprehensively protect the health of users using iPhone.

In addition to the two housekeeping skills of anti-glare and antibacterial, the touch of ZAGG|ISOD “anti-glare antibacterial tempered film” is comparable to the original iPhone screen, and it also has the function of “fading fingerprints” that the original screen does not have.

It is also one of the best in terms of protection performance. The corners are all strengthened, and the anti-scratch and anti-drop performance is excellent.

This is ZAGG|ISOD “anti-glare antibacterial tempered film”, a veritable outdoor artifact, which can also reduce the burden on the eyes.

You can easily purchase the experience in the ZAGG official store, and at the lowest price you can experience the experience comparable to the professional screen of about 1,000 dollar. The black technology that cannot be missed brings the functions that professional users enjoy to iPhone users.

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