How To Choose ZAGG Tempered Film, Privacy Protection Or Blue Light Protection

Looking at the current Zagg mobile phone tempered film, the protection of the screen has become a basic function, anti-blue light, anti-peeping, anti-glare, various high-end functions are messy and charming, how to choose is a big problem.

Since the launch of the ZAGG | ISOD series, there are many friends who want to recommend the tempered film, because the ZAGG | ISOD tempered film has all the advantages, the antibacterial function and the intimate film artifact are very useful.

So today I will show you how to choose the one that suits you among the tempered films with so many functions.

A must for eye protection, ZAGG | ISOD Anti-Blue Light Antibacterial Tempered Tempered Film

How to see if it is suitable for you to use anti-blue light film? It’s very simple, see if you can turn on the “night view” function of your mobile phone, yes, it is the function that will turn into a “big yellow screen” at night.

If you can open it and can’t stand the color cast display, “anti-blue light tempered film” should be your must-choice.

We bought an expensive iPhone with the most beautiful screen in the world. In order to protect our eyes and prevent blue light, we turned the screen into a “big yellow screen”, and such a beautiful screen was completely destroyed.

A ZAGG | ISOD anti-blue light antibacterial tempered tempered film can solve the problem.

You must know that the anti-blue light protection is high-intensity “harmful blue light”, and don’t “talk about blue change”, in the ZAGG | ISOD series of anti-blue light films, the function of hardware filtering harmful blue light is carried out. Under the premise of ensuring the excellent screen display of the iPhone, the damage to the eyes from the screen is reduced around the clock.

On the basis of excellent anti-blue light, the antibacterial ingredients can achieve the function of eliminating 99.9% of common surface bacteria, and eliminate the biggest “hygienic dead corner” of the mobile phone screen in the cradle.

In addition, the new-generation ZAGG | ISOD tempered film series has reinforced the edges to protect the most vulnerable parts of the screen, and this full-coverage protection method provides a smooth touch experience on the full screen.

Privacy protection is the most important, ZAGG | ISOD privacy protection antibacterial tempered tempered film

In addition to some common mobile phone usage scenarios, there are also some scenarios that many people attach great importance to, that is, privacy protection issues in public or business situations.

I don’t know if you have the experience of swiping Douyin with the people next to you on the subway. Many friends are not disgusted to share what they watch with others, but in many occasions, the privacy on the screen is very important. It’s time to see the tempered film”.

As the saying goes, there are specialties in the surgical industry. ZAGG | ISOD launched the “anti-peep antibacterial tempered film” to protect privacy, so while ensuring no color cast and high light transmittance, try to achieve a small-angle visual function.

ZAGG | ISOD privacy and antibacterial tempered tempered film has a viewing angle of ±35°, but it should be noted that when it exceeds 30°, the screen will have problems such as color cast and serious brightness reduction, so the best viewing angle is It is the visible range of 60° on the front of the phone.

How is the privacy film realized?

Many friends are curious about how this black technology is achieved. I wonder if you have played a kind of “picture” when you were a child. When you look at it from different angles, the pictures presented are different. Whether it is “anti-peep tempered film” or pictures that can change patterns, they all use the principle of light transmission similar to “blinds”.

In the middle of the tempered film, a “privacy layer” similar to shutters is added, and the light of the screen will be blocked by this “blinds” at a certain angle, so it will show a black screen state.

Of course, ZAGG | ISOD anti-peep antibacterial tempered film continues to add anti-bacterial function and screen corner protection based on the excellent anti-peep experience, which is as excellent as ever.

If you care more about eye protection, then the hardware-grade anti-blue light antibacterial tempered film should be your first choice. As for the screen, you don’t have much time to look at the screen of the mobile phone, but the information in the mobile phone is very important. .

No matter what kind of tempered film, the ZAGG | ISOD series can provide the best quality protection for the iPhone 13 series, whether it is anti-blue light or anti-peeping, it is the performance of the first echelon.

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