How To Get A New Screen Protector From Zagg

Zagg’s sub-brand invisibleShield displays a mobile phone screen protector with high light transmittance and efficient antibacterial function.

CES2020 opened in Las Vegas on January 7, US time. The exhibition lasts from January 7 to January 10 for four days. CES2020 has attracted more than 4,500 enterprises, including more than 1,200 start-ups, as a global science and technology event of grand scale and influence. And the net exhibition area is more than 2.9 million square feet; it is expected that this exhibition will welcome more than 170,000 industry visitors and 6,000 media reporters.

Here, users will first experience cutting-edge innovative technologies, including 5G, Mobile Interconnection, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Voice Wake-up, Intelligent Assistant, etc.

This time of CES, the Zagg, together with Zagg, mophie, Gear4, BRAVEN, and invisibleShield, has exhibited a wide range of new products.


Tablet case with keyboard

Zagg launches a tablet case with a keyboard, which can be connected directly through Bluetooth to provide the typing experience of physical keys.

After closing the table case with the keyboard, the appearance is as light as a book, and it will not occupy too much space. It is practical and straightforward.


Three in one desktop wireless charging board

Zagg’s sub-brand mophie has brought a three-in-one Desktop Wireless charger, which can provide wireless charging for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods at the same time. The top of the wireless charging board is designed with flannelette to prevent scratching the backboard of the device during wireless charging.

Photos of mophie products

Mophie’s many different charging products, including high-power mobile power supply and back clip battery protection case, were presented at the exhibition.


D30 mobile phone case

Zagg’s sub-brand gear4 shows a mobile phone case made of D30 material. D30’s soft rather than hard feature makes it play a good role in protecting the mobile phone.

D30 particular material case has a variety of appearances, a variety of materials to choose from, just so that consumers can get a more suitable mobile phone case.

There are also several cases with different appearances and raw materials used to show the characteristics of D30. D30 has the attributes of “eating soft but not hard.” If you wrap your fingers, even if you use a hammer to smash them, there will be no apparent pain.

Case for tablet

The tablet case brought by Gear4 at the CES2020 exhibition is made of D30 material inside, which can play a good role in protection.

The speaker and microphone are prepositioned on the bottom of the iPad. And the speaker can be protected without interfering with sound transmission.

The case for 1st and 2nd generation of Airpods

In terms of the case, there is also a wireless Bluetooth headset case for the 1st and 2nd generation of Airpods. And with a hook design, which is convenient for users to carry out the door.


TWS headset

Zagg’s sub-brand BRAVEN brings a new TWS wireless Bluetooth headset to consumers at the CES2020 exhibition. It has a minor appearance and a charging box.

BRAVEN’s wireless Bluetooth headset with its charging box has a hook on the outer packaging box, convenient for offline stores to sell. It also has three pairs of earplugs, large, medium, and small, which can be replaced according to its own needs, with a battery life of up to 36 hours.

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

In addition to TWS headphones, BRAVEN also has a variety of Bluetooth speakers, prominent outdoor speakers, and other products.

Hanging on the stump is an outdoor BRAVEN Bluetooth speaker.



Zagg’s sub-brand IFROGZ launch a headset with wireless Bluetooth noise reduction in blue and black.

There are many kinds of wireless Bluetooth earphones to choose from, including wireless Bluetooth in-ear noise reduction earphones with a charging box, wireless Bluetooth noise reduction earphones with a headset, and various colors to choose from.

TWS headset

Three kinds of wireless Bluetooth headsets with charging boxes are available in black, white, and blue. The headset adopts an ear hanging design to prevent falling during wearing. The charging box can supply power for the headset, and the charging box itself also supports wireless charging, which is more convenient to use.

The white Bluetooth noise reduction headset with a charging box is presented in the appearance. It is similar to the traditional headset. The soft earphone is designed and put into the adaptive earhole size of the cochlear, which can give full play to the effect of noise reduction.


Mobile phone screen protector

Zagg’s sub-brand invisibleShield displays a mobile phone screen protector with high light transmittance and efficient antibacterial function.

5.8-inch screen protector

Suitable for 5.8-inch iPhones such as iPhone X/XS.

6.1-inch screen protector

Screen protector for 6.1-inch iPhone11 series, such as the iPhone 11/XR.

The collective parameter information of the product is written on the back of the packaging box.

Zagg, together with Zagg, mophie, Gear4, BRAVEN, and invisibleShield sub-brands, has brought us a variety of audio devices, charging devices.

And protective case types of devices, covering our daily use of electronic products, with more color matching and more options, to bring consumers better choice and user experience.

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