Zagg Invisible Shield Install & Review for the Samsung Galaxy S

This is my invisible shield for the Samsung galaxy s mobile review now. invisible shield, as you probably know, make these clear shield protectors for various devices, and they very kindly sent me one for the Samsung galaxy s

Everyone is day from reconnoiter. This is my invisible shield for the Samsung galaxy s mobile review now. invisible shield, as you probably know, make these clear shield protectors for various devices, and they verykindly sent me one for the Samsung Galaxy s. Now it’s crap. Open the packaging and see what we get inside. Now we’ve got the money package here and this contains shields for the phone. Just open this up and in. Here we have got the precut shields for the Galaxy S, but one here for the front and then the second one for the back. That’s superb, and they’re made from really tough material, so this is going to protect the device from scrapes and scratches. Now in here we have got a couple of extra bits. You’ve got some installation instructions. This tells you how to handle the material.

Zagg Invisible Shield Install & Review for the Samsung Galaxy S

How to Install the On-The-Should Shield

The fact you’re going to sort of spray your hands first, as you’ve seen in my previous videos, so you don’t have any fingerprints on the side of these and just general installation instructions. You also get a polishing cloth to clean the device. First little squeegee–it’s just to push out any bubbles–and the source spray that we’re going to put on the on-the- shield, and then we get this little spray bottle application solution, and this is sort of water-based solution. It’s got some sort of substance in that makes it slightly slippery, so it makes it easier to position the shield on the device. So let’s get this installation underway. So first thing I’m going to do is just remove this cover. This allows me to actually spray the shield and I’m going to give this a clean as well. We’re going to start with the front side of this device first. Now you don’t really get I clear in with the package room as I could, but I always use I clear and I normally just give do the lights just one little spray there and we’re going give it a good wipe over. Get rid of any grease on the device and any dust. And then one thing I do is I also use a little blower here and you don’t get this with the package. This just gets rid of any additional littleflakes of stuff on the device. Cuz it’s best to have it as clean as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S – The Invisible Shield by Zagg

specks of dust will show up under the shield. So okay, so I’m going to stop talking there and continue with this installation. Okay, so that’s the front side of the shield actually installed. There’s a cutout, obviously if the home button is also cutouts for the proximity sensor, the frontfacing camera, and also a little speaker here. So a really nice installation. It’s got a glossy feel to it. Let’s turn the phone on and no difference at all to thesensitivity of the screen. So really nice installation. Now I’m going to move round to the back and install the back shoulder. So that’s the front and back shield installed on the Samsung galaxy s, and really pleased of how the applications gone. Noah, if there are any little tiny tiny bubbles left, as I do say, to give it about 24 hours just for any of these tiny marks. Just to dissipate past experience, I’ve had installed in these as they do disappear. So you’ve got full protection on the front, here I’ve installed that full back protector. You can see the corners nice and neat across the top. There’s little cuts for all of the various ports. little cutout in the shield on the side here for the power on/off button and they’ve had to tape around these corners because there would be no way you would get it to cover up the whole back of the device due to the curvature. But very, very good. obviously has a cutout for the camera on the back and also the speaker. nice feel to it. I’m glad that my device is now protected from scratches, so very, very good job. So this was my installation of the invisible shield by Zagg on the Samsung galaxy s. thank you very much for watching.

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