How To Install ZAGG Glass XTR2 for iPhone 14 Pro

It also comes with a 40-blue light-filtering film and Hexium impact technology. This is a very expensive screen protector, so let's see if it's worth having it on your 14 pros.

What’s going on, guys? Firewolf Tech here, showing you the Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Xtr2. We’ll open it up and show you how to install it on your 14 pros. A link for this will be in the description box below, so make sure you check that out. So let’s take a look at the packaging. Here, on the front, we can see that the Glass Xtr2 offers the most potent, advanced screen protector. It has anti-reflective technology, anti-dust installation, and full-screen edge-to-edge coverage.

It also comes with a 40-blue light-filtering film and Hexium impact technology. This is a very expensive screen protector, so let’s see if it’s worth having it on your 14 pros. Let’s take a look at the back here. We have more details on the screen protector, showing you how their screen protective technology works and their Hexium impact protection. They state that it will protect your phone and have friendly anti-reflective technology to block all those extra lights. Now, this being an expensive screen protector, the great thing is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

How To Install ZAGG Glass XTR2 for iPhone 14 Pro

How To Install ZAGG Glass XTR2 for iPhone 14 Pro

Before you ever purchase this, make sure you guys register the warranty. Let’s go ahead and open this up. All right, protect your phone better for sixty dollars. They better protect it. Foreign, we get an adorable installation tray inside this envelope. We have the application contents. Zagg will supply us with an alcohol prep pad, some dust removal stickers, and a charming white microfiber cloth.

And inside this packaging, we have the 60 screen protector, and there it is, guys, the glass xtr2. You can see that it has a slight blue tint to it, so I’m going to take my 14 pros. And on this, I have the icy shield glass screen protector. It is a cheaper alternative, so I will link it in the description box below if you want a more affordable screen protector. So let’s go ahead and take this.

Okay, so the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re going to make sure that the front of your screen is completely clean using the alcohol prep pad. First, I like to take it and do a nice little wipe all around the net. I want to get rid of any fingerprints or smudges on the screen.

Next, we’ll take the microfiber cloth and give that a nice wipe, drying off the alcohol prep pad. You want to ensure no lines, fingerprints, dust, or anything on the screen. So, we want to ensure we take our time since you only get one xtr2 screen protector.

You want to make sure you install it perfectly. And then, to ensure there’s no dust when you line, we’ll take the dust removal sticker, and we’ll go ahead and go ahead and go all around the phone. It will help if we power off the phone, so I’m going to do that quickly. Foreign, always inspect the front glass to ensure there are no links or anything like that. I do notice a little bit of a little piece over here.

All right, now we’re ready for the actual installation. We’re going to grab the insulation frame, we’re going to locate where it says top, and we’re going to place it right on top. And then, for the actual screen protector, we’re going to locate the lid. You can see it’s a tiny indentation on the top. This will indicate where the top is, where the number one is. I will reveal the adhesive side, and then we will align it with the top of the phone.

Using these holes over here, we’re going to line it up. Okay, and it should automatically adhere to itself, but you want to make sure to give it some pressure in the middle. Foreign, clear coat, and just like that, we have an excellent smooth, clean, straightforward installation. Let’s go ahead and inspect the building. Here, I don’t notice any lint underneath the screen.

Foreign, all right, so let’s go ahead and test out the actual screen protector. The screen protector definitely feels really lovely and smooth, definitely feels really nice. Foreign, guys, the screen protector is a really nice one. It’s very premium. Again, for sixty dollars, it’s definitely on the pricier side, so make sure you guys check the link in the description box below to purchase this screen protector.

We’ll link another screen protector below if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. The accessor screen protector is a little bit cheaper than this one. Still, oh, guys, the glass xtr2 is definitely a solid screen protector. I recommend the screen protector for those looking for ultimate screen protection. It has an excellent blue light filter and social impact protection.

I did. I think it’s worth it, especially considering the 14 pro starts at a thousand dollars. So for sixty dollars, if you’re looking for the ultimate screen protector, I recommend the Zagg glass xtr2. Please comment, like, and subscribe if you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks so much for watching.

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