Zagg InvisibleShield Glass XTR2 for iPhone 14 Pro Max – How To Install

I will be showing you the Zagg Invisible Shield glass XTR2 screen protector. We'll go ahead and open this up and show you how to install the screen protector.

What’s going on, guys? I will be showing you the Zagg Invisible Shield glass XTR2 screen protector. We’ll go ahead and open this up and show you how to install the screen protector, which will be for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Looking at the front of the packaging, we can see that the glass XCR2 has the most potent, advanced screen protector. It has anti-reflective technology, anti-dust installation, full-screen edge-to-edge coverage, and an eye-safe filter that blocks 40% of blue light.

It also has its Hexium impact technology, and the link for this will be in the description box below, so make sure you check it out. This retail price of $60 is prohibitive, so we’ll see if it’s worth having this for your iPhone 14. And on the back of the packaging, we have more details on how the technology works. Again, it has a nice, super smooth finish and is engineered for maximum touch sensitivity. It also has the same eye-safe technology and contains an antimicrobial treatment that will protect the screen protector from inhibiting bacteria, which is pretty cool. We also have more details on their Hexium impact protection, as you can see here.

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass XTR2 for iPhone 14 Pro Max - How To Install

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass XTR2 for iPhone 14 Pro Max – How To Install

Well, as for their anti-reflective technology, at $60, it’s costly, but at least they give you a limited lifetime warranty. Suppose you ever have issues with your screen protector. In that case, you can always go on Zagg’s website and register for their lifetime warranty. Let’s go ahead and open this up and show you all the fine details of the limited lifetime warranty. Don’t forget to register that.

We can see that it includes an installation frame and two little envelopes. I’m going to have the application contents. Okay, they give us a nice white microfiber cloth, a dust removal sticker, and an alcohol cleaning wipe. And inside this envelope here, we have a 60-screen protector. All right, here we have the XTR2. As you can see, it has a subtle, very light blue color. Again, that’s to block the blue light from the screen.

And I have here my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Currently, I have the Icy Shield tempered glass screen protector. It is a more affordable option, so if you’re looking for a screen protector that’s good and not too expensive, I recommend this one as well. So I’m going to go ahead and take this out first. Foreign foam. All right, so to start off, we first want to make sure we clean the screen.

To start, we want to clean the screen of the phone. I like to start with the alcohol prep pad and give it a nice wipe all around the phone. This will wipe off fingerprints, dirt, oils, or anything else. Then, taking the microfiber cloth, we’ll gently wipe it. And then, once you do that, we want to take the dust removal sticker and ensure there’s no lint on the phone.

So, I will take my time and ensure there’s no lint. And again, this being a $60 screen protector, you’re only going to have one chance for an excellent installation, so I recommend you guys take your time. I will go ahead and take the installation frame and locate the top.

As you can see, there’s an arrow pointing up. And we’re going to put the phone inside the installation frame. There are two little dots here to line up the screen protector with.

This is as well, and we want to make sure we locate the top of the screen protector, which I can tell is right over here with this slight indentation. And again, before installing it, give it a quick look to ensure the screen has no lint. Okay, it should be good. So, we’ll first take the step one portion and reveal the adhesive side.

Once the sticky side is shown, we’ll line up the little dots and gently apply some pressure. As you can see, the screen protector will start to adhere. I like to run my fingers along to help the adhesion. All right, just like that, we have the screen protector installed. Let’s take away the frame. Okay, friendly, clean installation. As we can see, it’s definitely edge-to-edge. Let’s go ahead and give this a power-up. All right, now that I have my phone powered on, we’re going to test out the screen protector’s smoothness. So definitely…

Definitely feels really lovely and smooth. I definitely love how it feels on the tips of my fingers.It Definitely has a nice smooth finish, and as for the blue light filtering, you don’t notice the blue tints on the actual screen, which is really good. Looking around the net, as you can see where the screen protector meets the primary phone, you can see that it’s definitely very close to the edge.

You can see the screen protector has that slight indentation for the earpiece. So, all in all, the glass XTR2 is definitely very easy to install. It does command a very high price tag, so I’m not 100% sure if I recommend it over a more inexpensive screen protector.

For example, the Icy Shield tempered glass screen protector is a lot cheaper and gives you three of these, whereas you only get one of these. But I definitely feel that this screen protector quality is a little bit better. So, suppose you’re looking for a screen protector with blue light filtering. In that case, that is easy to install and has extra tempering. This is definitely a screen protector. Otherwise, other inexpensive screen protectors, such as the Icy Shield, will work perfectly fine.

What do you guys think of the XTR2 price tag? Again, $60 is steep, but you get the best of the best. Make sure you guys check the link in the description box below. Thanks so much for watching, guys.

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